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Funtology, a cosmetology inspired enrichment is a great course for students to start developing their skills and knowledge within the beauty industry. Funtology covers the basics of hair, makeup, and skincare, and includes interactive hands-on practice on mannequins to help students develop their technique.

Barbertology Fundamentals is a valuable addition to the iFuntology program, as it provide students with specialized knowledge and skills related to barbering. Students enrolled in Barbertology learn the fundamental topics of hair cutting, styling, simulated shaving and beard grooming.

Nailtology Fundamentals is a course dedicated to teaching students about nail structures, properties of healthy nails and nail art designs.

Students learn about nail anatomy, different nail designs and techniques as well as the best practices for nail care.

Skintology Fundamentals is a course that introduces students to the world of skincare and makeup. Skintology offers basic facial massage, healthy skin practices, and makeup application techniques.

Implementing iFuntology is a great way to introduce “Out of the Box” programs for your youth.